Program was developed to assist in helping SME clients of ELORIN obtain the expert assistance they may require in order to solve pressing business challenges.


Source: ELORIN


12 October 2007


As part of our mandate to assist entrepreneurs in the Eastern Lake Ontario region, ELORIN is pleased to announce the launch of the 2007-2008 RIN-IRAP Mentorship Program. ELORIN is aware that many SMEs in our region lack sufficient expertise to grow in critical areas. Having access to the right networks of information and resources can make a big difference in helping SMEs succeed. Mentoring is a business-to-business relationship that includes learning, information sharing, and networking among firms and intermediaries. The RIN-IRAP Mentorship Program provides just that in order to solve these and other pressing business challenges. Through this program, ELORIN will work closely with our regional SMEs to identify focused business programs, assist in selecting appropriate mentors, accessing IRAP funds, and actively nurturing the SME-mentor relationship.